Discover Bagan ancient city through 10 famous pagodas


If Angkor in Cambodia shows its sophistication in rocks and bricks, Bagan in Myanmar is the symbol of immense and isolated beauty with numerous sacred pagodas and temples. Let’s travel to Myanmar to discover Bagan ancient city with 10 famous pagodas below:


From Nyang U Town, the first stop tourists can feel the shadow of the splendid Buddhism past in Bagan is Lawkachanthar – Thagyarhit – Thagyarpone. Under the sunlight of the dawn, the red bricks will reflect the time color of the ancient city


Htilo Mininlo is the temple of magnitude and sophistication, built by King Zeya Theinkha. As his father’s wish, Theinkha best deserved to become a king. However, to be justice, he chose the next person for succeeding the throneby using a white umbrella as royal tradition, meaning that the umbrella will be put in the middle of princes and then, if it lean toward someone, he will be the chosen one.


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Ananda is referred to as the most beautiful temple in Bagan with 4 great golden Buddha statues towards 4 directions. In which, with the Buddha in the South, it is said that when going to that Buddha to pray, keep smiling to be peaceful.


Sulamani is the temple built in 1183 by King Narapatisithu. The statues outside the temple are decorated beautifully but Sulamani is different from other temples in the delicate pictures on the ceilings inside the temple. When steping into the thousand-year temple, you will feel like that you has left the problems or worries and forget them temporarily


Dhammayangyi is the temple having the largest area in Bagan. Its shape looks like pyramid but no top is its difference. It was built in 1167 by King Narathu (Kalagya Min) after killing his own father. Narathu took over the throne and built the temple by the red bricks without grout. As the legend, this temple could not be completed because of the consequences the King brought about. That is also the reason why it has no top.


The highest temple in Bagan, Thatbyinnyu impresses the tourists with the moss-grown brick pieces by time. From the distance, the temple is out-standing among the plain of Bagan


Shwesantaw is known for not only its architectural work but also the best place to sightsee the sunset and the dawn of new day. Coming to there, tourists often choose a corner for themselves to look toward the horizon and wait for the first rays of sunshine of the new day in peace.


You should go on a boat to the middle of Ayeyyarwardy to look toward Bupaya pagoda to have another view about ancient Bagan. It is restored after the big earthquake in 1975


Nochanthar is near Ananda with the unique architect of Myanmar, meaning that it is designed harmoniously between, bricks, wood roof and the moss colors. It is hidden under the green tree lines to create a strangely peaceful scene


Shwezigon golden pagoda is the original version of Shwedagon golden pagoda in Yangon. Different from the splendid Shwedagon, this temple brings visitors the peaceful feeling no matter how large it is. Up to over 30 tons of gold were gilded and thousands of gems were put on the top as the legend. Going find a corner to sightsee the sunset in horizon and experience the soul’s peace is an interesting thing to do.

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Most of Co Tu people’s weddings in the mountainous districts of Quang Nam are usually held in the groom’s house and have many unique cachets and rituals.


The unique traditional wedding

The unique ritual in wedding customs of each ethnic group has its own beauty. While the wedding of Bh’noong ethnic group impresses people with the “fagot engagement” of the bride to the groom, Co Tu people express their feelings and love by the subtleties, reasonability and metaphors of the words.

The indispensable first Etiquette in Co Tu ethnic group’s wedding is applied the pig’s blood on the foreheads. In the day of the wedding, the groom’s house goes to the gate to welcome the bride’s family and hold the wedding ceremony.

Leading the bride’s delegation is her father followed by her mother, her relatives and finally her daughter as well as the the bride in the wedding.

When the bride’s family comes inside the house, the groom’s mother will apply the pig’s blood on bride’s relatives’ foreheads to wish bride’s family good health, happiness and luck. This also means that both families are becoming one and from now on, they will share everything and live happily together.

After the girl’s family agrees to marry, the bride, groom and other young people in Co Tu village will dance around the New Year’s tree in the middle of the village to celebrate.

When the wedding happens

During the wedding ceremony of the Cu Tu ethnic froup, sugar palm and “Can” wine (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) are two indispensable drinks. Groom’s father often invites the bride’s family to have a drink. However, before the two families drink, they have to raise glasses to the gods first in order to show their gratefulness to their ancestors.

Then, the family members of the two sides sing the same song which is compulsory in ritual of the convent. This means that two families give each other the dowry to the bride and the groom. After the song and the given dowry, the Dum rite (thanks giving of the Earth ritual) is quite a unique ritual with the history of thousands of years of the convent, which is now less common.

The bride and groom are covered by a large silk sheets, two mothers of the bride and groom implore the gods, god of the forest, the river god, the god of the mountain, upland god bless the young couple for health , happiness, lots of babies, many terraced fields to do and more animals to catch.


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When finishing the indoor rituals, eventually is the buffalo sacrifice rite to beseech the gods for good harvest, good health, long life, breeding pigs, buffalos and chickens to villagers and to their families. Father of the groom does the blessing on the buffalo and then put the lance back to a young man in the village to strongly perform thrusting movements on the buffalo. Buffalo meat is made to worship spirit gods and invite wedding guests.


After killing the buffalo, mothers of the groom and the bride together clean and then buffalo meat is cut off. One part of the meat is to serve guests and the others are divided into equal pieces for them to bring home. The last rite is done, the wedding delegation comes back home and have a meal, sing nice songs and dance together.

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Myanmar (is also known as Burma) is not only the scared land of pilgrimage of Buddhists but also a promising place for tourism. Almost of the visitors, especially the one who would like to have a luxury holiday in Myanmar, are curious to the new opened land. Besides introduction about famous place, information of the weather, money and specialties of the land get worthless attention.

Weather in Myanmar

Myanmar is a tropical country. The lowest temperature there is around 22 OC so visitors only need to pack summer clothes, hats, sunscreen and insect repellent to avoid the attack of mosquitoes. By experience of many visitors, the best time to visit there is from November to February of the next year because during the period, the weather is cool with a little bit of rain, so it is perfect for a Myanmar luxury holiday. Only the place in Golden Rock Pagoda, the weather throughout the year is rainy, foggy and cold (around 15-16 OC), so visitors should bring raincoat and prepare for the bad weather. During the middle of April, visitors can join in Water Festival – a unique custom of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.


From November to February is the best period to visit Myanmar because of beautiful weather

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Transports in Myanmar

There are many airlines from Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam and Singapore to Myanmar selling cheap tickets, so visitors can easily book ones or use airfares to have the best price. To travel inland in Myanmar, visitors can use service of some Domestic Airlines such as Airbagan, Airmandalay and Gmairlines or book the Intercity Bus tickets from Diamond Express through email. In each place, there are many ways for visitors to enjoy the landscape. In Bagan, the most popular vehicle is horse cart. In Inle Lake, visitors can hire a boat to travel whole day with the cost of 15 USD. However, to have the best price, visitors should check on Internet and asking renters before the trip.

Money in Myanmar

In Myanmar, ATM is not widely used so in all of the airports locate money exchange counters to demands of visitors.

Specialties in Myanmar

One of the most sophisticated specialties in Myanmar is handmade product, in which sandy pictures and jewelries are outstanding gifts consumed by foreign visitors. In Bagan, there are many stalls selling sandy pictures made by Myanmar artists and in almost of the tourist place, such as Inle Lake, Yangon and Mandalay, visitors can easily find a place selling jewelries. Especially in Bogyoke and Scott Market, visitors can choose an ornament made of pearl, silver or iron with lovely price. Some baubles are carved with signs of horoscopes that are very attracted to women.


Visitors can easily find the vendors on the streets to buy handmade products

For man, the most special gift to have may be cigars. Inle Lake is famous by the cigars made of a mixture of leave, honey, banana, wines and brown sugar. Every ingredient is grown locally. Smoking a stick of cigar and enjoying the beauty of the lake are all you need for a luxury Myanmar holiday.

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Quang Ninh museum had inaugurated and went into serving visitors from the middle of October 2013. This is one of the works to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Quang Ninh province’s establishment, 30/10 (1963-2013). Having unique architecture, beautiful space with many valuable objects and rich display content, Quang Ninh museum is an attractive tourist destination at present. However, from the point of tourism, in order to become an unique “tourism product”, there are a lot of things to do ahead for Quang Ninh museum.

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Review of foreign tourists

In a survey of tourist destinations in Quang Ninh recently, a caravan of more than 100 travel groups of Chinese travel association named “tourist happiness” have visited Quang Ninh museum. As this tourist place just comes into operation, so Quang Ninh tourism industry would like to introduce to the Chinese travel agencies with the desire that travel agencies will be a facilitate for propaganda, promotion and development of  the tour programs to serve visitors .

When surveying, visiting the museum, most travel agencies in Chinese travel Association "Tourist happiness" high appreciated Quang Ninh Museum built with modern architecture and scale as well as the quite diverse objects. However, they also gave many suggestions to Quang Ninh museum for some better ways of attracting tourists, especially international ones. Mr. Vuong Lap Sinh, president of  this travel association, said: "Quang Ninh Museum was constructed finely and objects are displayed in the Museumare quite vividly but so as to appeal to international tourists, the museum still has more works to be done, especially to train specialized team in foreign languages ​​and to increase promotional activities.

“For market of Chinese tourists, Quang Ninh may cooperate with Guangxi province, with the association of travel tours to attract tourists … “. Having the same opinion with Mr. Vuong Lap Sinh, the president of the association of travel tours, Mr.Truong Sieu, Deputy General director of Hoan Cau – Bac Hai International Travel Company also said that for a museum, guidesand explainers are very important. Mr. Truong Sieu  shared that when looking at the exhibits in museums in general, in Quang Ninh Museum in particular, visitors only can partly feel development of local history.

Needed things to increase own strength

In fact, the majority of guides and explainers at Quang Ninh Museum use Vietnamese, some people know English but communicate very little. Therefore, the international groups coming here still use guides of their travel agencies. When they visit the museum, their guides themself need to learn first and then introduce to tourists. Moreover, for some other groups, museum guides introduce by Vietnamese and their tour guides translate into their language. This is very inadequate because it not only is very burdensome but also can mislead visitors about content.

Mr.Tran Trong Ha, Director of Quang Ninh Museum emphasized that the success of the museum is due to attractive, unique, scienctific display systems as well as the design of buildings. The museum is still understaffed, especially those who know foreign languages. When it comes to the attraction of the museum, beside the value of the display content,  dynamic staff are extremely important.

As can be said, in the local tourism development, the museum is the key and meaningful address in the journey of every tourists. Thus, Quang Ninh and relevant units need to the strategy to promote the unique values on its own and improve the staff quality.


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The Land

Myanmar is the name which has long been used by its people to describe their homeland which the British called Burma . Also known as the Golden Land for its rich land and the wealth of its agriculture and minerals. Myanmar, with a total area of 676, 577 square kilometers, is the largest mainland in South – East Asia. It shares a total of 5858 km ( 3640 miles ) of international borders with Bangladesh and India on the North – West, China on the North- East, Laos on the East and Thailand on the South – East. It has a total length of 2832 km ( 1760 miles ) of coastlines. The country stretches 2090 km ( 1299 miles ) from North to South and 925 km ( 575 miles ) from East to West at its points. The official name is the Union of Myanmar.
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Myanmar enjoys a tropical climate with three general seasons: The rainy season from mid-May to mid-October; the cool season ( cold season ) from mid-October to mid-February and the hot season ( summer ) from mid-February to mid- May before the rains begin. The best time to visit Myanmar is from mid-October to mid-May during open season.

Historical Background 

Early history of Myanmar began with the founding of the first capital of the Myanmar Kings at Tabaung, 100 miles up – river from Mandalay, reputed to have been thriving during the 5th Century B.C. The Pyu Civilization which followed flourish in the Ayeyarwaddy valley from Tabaung to Pyay ( former Prome ) in the 1st Century B.C., and reached a high level of economic, social and cultural development. Myanmar greatness in history date back to 11th Century. There were three golden periods in Myanmar history, King Anawrahta consolidated the whole country into the First Myanmar Empire in Bagan ( 044 .A.D-1077 A.D ). The Bagan Empire encompassed the area of present-day Myanmar and the entire Menam Valley in Thailand and last two centuries. The Bagan dynasty collapsed with the invasion of the Mongols under Kublai Khan in the 13th Century. The Second Myanmar Empire of the Toungoo period ( 1551 A.D- 1581 A.D ) was founded by King Bayint Naung; and King Alaungpaya founded the Third Myanmar Empire in 1752. It was the during the zenith of the KoneBaung Dynasty that the British moved into Myanmar. Myanmar became a British colony after three Anglo-Myanmar Wars in 1825, 1852 and 1885. During the World War ( 2 ), Myanmar was occupied by the Japanese from 1942 till the return of the Allied Forces in 1945. Myanmar regained the status of a “ Sovereign Independent State” on 4th January 1948, after 123 years of British colonial administration.


The first imperial capital of Myanmar, Bagan, became a world centre of the Theravada Buddhism by the start of the 12th Century A.D. Successive Kings and their subjects to glorify their faith through the lavish and ambitious construction of monuments and Buddhist culture.
Theravada Buddhism is the predominant religion with about 89.4 percent of the people embracing it. The said Buddhist percentage of the population-mainly are Burma, Shan, Mons, Rakhine, and some Kayin. 
There are also Christians, Muslims, Hindus and some animists. The Christians population is composed mainly of Kayin, Kachin and Chins. Islam and Hinduism are practiced mainly by people of Indian origin.

The People

Myanmar’s population, spread over 7 States and 7 Divisions, is about 47 million in 1996. It is a Union of nationalities as many as 135 groups, with their own languages and dialects. The term Myanmar embraces all nationalities: the Bamar, the Chin, the Kachin, the Kayah, the Kayin, the Mon, the Rakhine and the Shan. The Bamar make up about 69 percent of the total population. The population growth rate is 1.88 percent.


Myanmar lies in a meeting place of two of the world’s great civilization – China and India – but its culture is neither that of India nor either China exclusively, but a bland of interspersed with Myanmar native traits and characteristics. Buddhism has great influence on daily life of the Myanmars.
Myanmar people have preserved the traditions of close family ties, respect for the elders, reverence for Myanmar social life and each month has its own festive occasion. Myanmars are known for their simplicity, honesty, generosity, hospitality and friendliness.

Nguồn :

Eco-friendly tour launched at Tram Chim National Park


A green sight-seeing tour was launched at Tram Chim National Park in TamNong district, the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, on August 22.
According to Le Hoang Long, Director of the Tourism and EnvironmentalEducation Centre of Tram Chim National Park, it is an eco-friendly touras visitors will be able to enjoy a ride around the park on an electriccar and a solar-powered boat while making no engine noise that candisrupt the wildlife here.The centre piloted the tour by using four electric cars, which can runat a speed of 30 kilometres per hour, and one 15-kilometres-per-hoursolar-powered boat. The boat was created by four local farmers living inThap Muoi district.


Solar-powered boat trip at Tram Chim National Park. (Photo:

The tour takes the visitors approximately 35 minutes and costs 700,000VND (about 31 USD) to serve a maximum of 12 people each round.

The centre plans to put into use other six solar-powered boats andtwelve electric cars in the coming time alongside several extra servicesto better serve travellers.

Established in 1985, the 7,313-hectare Tram Chim became a national park in 1998 and then the fourth Ramsar site in Vietnam.

The park’s plentiful green vegetation is inhabited by more than 130species of higher plants featuring six main types of floristicsocieties.

Water life in the park is also bustling seeing the presence of over 150species of freshwater fish, with some listed in Vietnam’s Red Book likeclown feather-back fish, common archerfish and giant barbs, nearly 180algae species, 26 epifauna species, 350 species of plankton and 34species of amphibian.

Tram Chim is home to 198 bird species, including 16 rare ones such asred-headed cranes, black-faced spoonbills, black eagles, great-billedherons and spotted-billed pelicans. It was recognised as an importantbird sanctuary in Vietnam.

The number of fauna and aquatic species in Tram Chim National Parksurpass those in other wetland reserves in the region, like Tra Sucajeput forest reserve in An Giang province and U Minh Ha National Parkin Ca Mau province.

In the dry season, canoes bring tourists to travel along small canalsfrom which they can spot 1.5-metre-tall cranes, herons with wings ofover one metre and long-necked darters seeking food.

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The UK tourism destination not to be missed


England contemplative beauty, ancient remains is to invite the guests gourmet tourism.

If you are planning to come to the UK this season, you can refer to the following destinations for the trip is complete.

Big Ben Clock Tower

Usually everyone wants to be seen as a symbol of the country while traveling to somewhere. If standing in London England, you will discover the first place? Perhaps it’s Big Ben clock tower.

Big Ben clock tower is one of the icons of London. Previously famous tower clock as the world’s largest four-faced. Later, it was also a tower level by sophisticated design and reliability of the 2.7 m long needle (needle hour) and 4.3 m (minute hand) and operating apparatus has been operating non-stop stay for over 150 years.


Tower Bridge on River Thames

To England you can not ignore the London Tower Bridge tread and panoramic city by walking on this 45m long bridge. Is the suspension bridge combined lift bridge, London Tower Bridge has helped connect the two banks of the Thames, just may be raised for ships passing.

If the opportunity to visit the tower bridge, saw firsthand the original engine from the Victorian era, you’ll be surprised by the creativity and power of people to create a building has become a symbol of London.

England ,United Kingdom ,Europe, European travel, tour England

Tower Bridge on River Thames.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is splendid venue of the most important events of the British Crown. Surrounded by a spacious park, the palace of more than 775 pages triboi room luxury items. In the largest room which has an area of ​​up to 108×120 m2 and 24 m high.

Although not an art gallery or museum, but Buckingham Palace has numerous priceless art statue is also Royal GiaAnh collection.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral give you the opportunity to admire the works of art from medieval sculpture. If luck be in church on Sunday morning, you will hear 10 bells in the church tower ringing.

Liverpool Cathedral

To feel all features ancient bones in the land of the blind, you remember Liverpool had church – the church is ranked the world’s oldest and also the largest church of England.

Liverpool Cathedral is considered one of British heritage when pretty much hold the record. In magnitude, Liverpool Cathedral is ranked as the fifth largest church in the world. It’s great to be heard echoes from the bell of the thoLiverpool. He is like a bell ringing pounding hymn. The bell hangs in the bell it is considered the highest and heaviest hanging world.

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Top 10 Cities Tourism 2015

Top 10 Cities Tourism 2015

Coming to the city topped the list, Washington, tourists can visit the White House, the Smithsonian Institute or track directly Hokey League National Cup.


2. El Chalten, Argentina

2015 is the year anniversary of El Chalten 30s will surely attract many tourists come to the atmosphere cheerful, engaging trekking explore Los Glaciares National Park.


3. Milan, Italy

Milan elegance and sophistication of Italy will welcome visitors everywhere in Expo Milano 2015 fair colorful and dining activities, fun lasts from May to October.


4. Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland ancient town of spectacular beauty of the mountains of the Alps and the terrain ideal for winter sports here will attract many visitors.

Tourist city , Milan , Washington , USA , Italy , Lonely Planet

5. Valletta, Malta

2015 marks 450 years of wars Great siege to beat Malta by the Ottoman Empire. In Valletta still preserving many old buildings from the 17th century however modern life here is very harmonious with the parliament building or outdoor concert space.


6. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is seen as a mysterious jewel of urban Europe because this is an important crossroads of two cultures East and West.


7. Salisbury, UK

2015, the city of Salisbury was born 500 years anniversary of Magna Carta (Great Charter) is one of the important legal documents in English history. Salisbury also known for world travelers by ancient Stonehenge landscape.


8. Vienna, Austria

Vienna will celebrate the 150th anniversary of age Ringstrasse, Hapsburg royal road construction


9. Chennai, India

Thanks to the opening of new subway lines that Chennai promises to be brilliant destination in 2015. In addition to attractive places like the temple has beautiful architecture, the research institute of traditional dance, Chennai also the film capital of India’s second largest.


10. Toronto, Canada

Toronto featured a multicultural city in the world with more than 140 languages ​​are used.


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Nguồn :

Thailand ranks 3rd in Asia in international tourism revenue

Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand have called on the country’s tourism development based on the principle of the “3Rs”: restructuring (restructuring), rebalancing (rebalancing) and repositioning (repositioning ). The goal was to Thailand as a leading destination for international travelers.

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Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said the TAT marketing plan in 2016 that will focus on three main objectives are: increased visitor spending, increase the number of days of stay of tourists and enhance the overall quality of the industry calendar.

Goals by 2016 Thailand’s tourism industry is in the top 3 on the international tourism revenue in Asia. Photo:

Due to the economic uncertainty in Europe and the US should target TAT is focusing on emerging markets, especially China, India and ASEAN countries.

According to statistics of 2014, Western tourists to this country accounted for 60% rate, while Asians are 40%. As expected, this rate will be balance in this year’s 50/50. China alone, about 6 million tourists this country to Thailand this year and rise to 7 million by next year.

Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand said: “In 2016, we are confident that Thailand will remain in the top 3 in terms of revenue from international tourism in Asia”. Objectives set out in tourism revenue in 2016 Thailand was increased by approximately 8%, higher than expected earnings in 2015.

Thailand’s tourism industry continues to keep the slogan “Amazing Thailand” in 2016.

TAT also said that Thailand has had an advantage in easily connect tourists to the country via air, road and sea. Simultaneously, it is also exempt from visa and visa-on to citizens of 68 countries and territories.

2016, Thailand’s tourism industry continues to hold the slogan “Amazing Thailand” products and services “Thai bold”. Also focus and strike hard at the audience like: tourism romantic (honeymoon), tourism combined with sports (golf), medical tourism combines health care, destination most Muslims. In particular, Thailand’s tourism industry will also focus strongly on the target customer is female travelers.

Nguồn :

10 heart-breaking photos of the Vietnam War

10 heart-breaking photos of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War ended but these images will make each of us feel deep grief.

A woman with an austere face holds her injured daughter, seeking asylum.A Vietnamese woman cries in front of her husband’s body, found in a mass grave near Hue City, central Vietnam.A Vietnamese woman holds her son on her arm and pulls her daughter out of a house on fire.Equipped  with only a plastic bowl, two beggar boys make their living in Saigon (1965-1975).A Vietnamese child eats rice (1965-1975).A child in Quy Nhon lost a leg due to bombing.Photos of the children trying to escape from American napalm in 1972.Two babies in Da Nang (1965).Innocent farmers in Quang Ngai.Comrades (under B52 bombing in Quang Tri, 1970). 

Doi Song Phap Luat



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